Sunday, 13 February 2011

'Seriously uncool'

It's Sunday morning and The Curate has gone off for the morning to take services in neighbouring parishes. I won the dog walking in the rain which usually would have been fine, but I can't move. There was a church fund raising event for the young people of the parish last night. A well known local ceilidh band - Oggle Band, offered their services to help raise funds by providing the music for a community barn dance. Their music is energetic and exciting - mixing the traditional folk with jazz and rock. With a gathering of people where the average age must have been over 65, I wondered how many would actually be dancing. In young people's terms this type of entertainment is rated as 'seriously uncool' and some husbands had been dragged there by their wives. (The fish and chip supper brought in from the local fish and chip shop round the corner, may have helped). But the music was infectious.The Curate and I really enjoy these type of events and decided it was time to get fit and we challenged each other to dance every dance. By the end of the evening the atmosphere was amazing and the whole place was filled with laughter and boisterous disorder. Even the teenage lad who had sat silently in the corner at the beginning, was dancing with two ladies on his arms. Learning the dances is part of the enjoyment and getting it wrong, adds to the chaos. I can't think of any other type of entertainment that manages to combine such a wide range of age groups in one energetic activity. If you have a brilliant band with a good caller and you can get the people past their inhibitions and preconceived ideas and through the door  - this sort of entertainment is so enjoyable and not 'seriously uncool'. You just need to let your hair down a bit!


r.eparker said...

What fun! It sounds like you had a brilliant time---wish I could have been a fly on the wall!!

Thecurateswife said...

Hello! It was great fun - but exhausting. Music was fantastic - a really unusual mix of styles.