Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Resilience = hardiness, toughness, resoluteness, robustness, sturdiness, durability, strength.

On Sunday the Curate and I walked beside the muddy brown waves that tumbled up the two-mile beach, one after another. Nothing could stop them as they lapped up the beach, immersing everything in muddy water. This was not the crashing, rolling surf that inspires awe and wonder. These were not the sparkling ripples that invite you to dip in your toes. This was a relentless grey flood that surged on up the beach. If you stood on the firm sand too long, it would surround you and then cover you. 
The waves seem to reflect where the Curate and I are in life at the moment. We are both feeling tired from travelling, meetings and the other demands of our individual lives. Just like the waves, all these roll in one after another and we never seem to have time to stand still together. But things are going to change. The plans for our move to the new parish are complete  and we are just waiting for confirmation of a move date. The prospect of change is both daunting and exciting. Until then, the Curate and I need to try wave jumping together.


Red said...

sounds like you need a weekend away! keep going, God will strengthen you :)

Thecurateswife said...

Hi, thank you - I'm not too good at writing about the strength we get from God (don't think I am of evangelical trad. - still finding out!). But I do know God has been with us and really is behind the journey I am on. I've been following your blog and have agreed so much with what you have been writing. Just couldn't think of an intelligent comment!

Lucy said...

I hope the transition goes well for you. We've certainly had those times of 'relentless grey flood' in our lives so can relate to your tiredness.

Anita Mathias said...

Blessings in the new parish!
Sounds like a fab day at the beach!

Thecurateswife said...

Thanks for all the kind thoughts - you can see how the move is playing on my mind - but it is looking like it will take place in May now. Resilience really is the word of the month!