Monday, 16 May 2011

Leaving the sea for moor.

Our bags are packed and the removers arrive tomorrow
This week we are finally moving to the new parish near the moor.This is an opportunity for me to say how much I appreciate The Curate moving, when he is halfway through a successful curacy, so that we can be together and I can continue to work. The Curate has his working agreement meeting with his new Bishop today, I have returned to work on the south coast, the removers pack the house tomorrow and we move in on Wednesday. We will return to the North for The Curate's leaving service next Sunday, which will be a sad occasion for us, as he has been made so welcome. The Curate and I and our dogs, will be leaving this area with happy memories.

The Collie loves the beach and has learned new tricks.
He would prefer not to be leaving.
But it's time to follow the next path - together.
We have all loved our time on the North Coast.
The spectacular beaches seem to stretch for miles.

We have discovered a lovely area which we are sorry to leave

and we look forward to returning - when the time is right.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We wish you both much happiness and contentment in your new home. Moves are always tinged with sadness but the time, we are sure, is right and new challenges and joys will await you!

Shirlwin said...

Best wishes for the way your path is taking you. Tomorrow is the time to make more happy memories:)