Monday, 2 May 2011

May - a change of scenery.

Remember this?
I have never seen the hedgerows and woods looking so vibrant as they do this year. Perhaps it is after the monotone snowy winter that  we experienced this year, we now sit up and take notice of the wildflowers as they emerge in turn, and then in mass along the lanes and in the woods.   
I was lucky enough to go to school when the 'nature table' was very much a feature of many classrooms. We carried out bird watches and learned about their habitats. We had school trips to pond dip and learned to identify wild flowers. It all sounds so romantic now...but these were such enjoyable life skills to learn. I want to learn more of the old names for the flowers - I remember milkmaid's purse, stitchwort, granny's bonnets and lady's mantle (although I am not sure I can identify them confidently). 
Can you remember any of the local names for the flowers that grow around where you live - and can you identify them? This is knowledge that we should be sure to pass on so that we all learn to appreciate what a beautiful country we live in.  


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Your pictures do indeed show the English countryside at its best. And how lovely are the bluebell woods, true confirmation that the winter is finally over.

We arrive back in the UK tomorrow for a week or so and are much looking forward to experiencing what very clearly is the loveliest of springs.

Perpetua said...

What lovely pictures, Curate's Wife and thanks so much for reminding me about the nature table. I'd completely forgotten about it, but we too (at a small 2 teacher country primary school) were encouraged to bring things in for display and taken outside to learn. Despite this I'm hopeless at identifying any but the most common birds and flowers :-(

Thecurateswife said...

My goodness - you two are very fast off the mark (- I hope you didn't spot the spelling error which I have now corrected!)
Do get out and enjoy the flowers ... and Perpetua find that old copy of 'the Observer's book of wildflowers' or pondlife, trees or insects!! (Everyone seemed to have them)

Perpetua said...

That's what happens when your new post pops up while I'm in Google Reader :-)

Even in this most glorious spring, without my Observer's books with me (yes, I do have some) I STILL can't ientify much. I recognise the plant but just can't remember its name. Sigh....