Friday, 10 June 2011

After the rain - Dartmoor on our doorstep and so much to learn.

Dartmoor is such a wild, open space - once you get away from the car parks. I am having to learn how to capture the magnificence and grandeur of the Tors on camera and trying to learn their names at the same time. We have the largest map of Dartmoor wallpapering our cloakroom so that we can sit and ponder the area we have to discover.
I am surprised by how much more difficult it is to capture the 'feel' of Dartmoor compared to photographing the sea and coast. I have had several attempts with different cameras and I am not satisfied yet. I think the secret is to look for days with big skies or interesting light. It will be an interesting project (if only the ponies and sheep would stand still).

Do you know this bird?

I am certainly counting my blessings - all of this is just up the road from our house.
(click on the photos to experience some of the vastness of Dartmoor)


Perpetua said...

Lovely photos of a stunning landsacape. Thank you.

You're doing what I did last weekend - discovering the beauty right under your nose :-)

Shirlwin said...

Glorious!!! Such a restful looking scene and doesn't the dog appear to be 'quite taken' with its new explorings.

Thecurateswife said...

HI Perpetua - I saw your photos and it reminded me how much I love that area. I first visited it when I went pony trekking there which was a brillient way to get right into the the countryside.
Hi Shirlwin The Collie is in his element here - at the moment he is not bothered by the sheep which had been a worry for us. It's all that training with Shirley in the garden!
Our elderly lakeland terrier loves the moor too - but mostly for the ready supply of sheep poo which is apparently very tasty!!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I think your blog is beautiful! :)