Friday, 3 June 2011

The solution for the shady garden

Shirley (- my first choice of name was vetoed by The Curate)
Meeting the rest of the family
Inspecting the quality of the grass
Not much work for The Collie here.
Close relatives?
Happily settled at the bottom of our garden.


Perpetua said...

What a good idea! Your grass will be short and the sheep will be well-fed. A true win-win situation :-)

Wivna said...

What a lovely surprise to find at the bottom of your garden- better than fairies!

Thecurateswife said...

Hello Perpetua, it's amazing how little feeding Shirley needs:-)
Hi Wivna - Shirley is a lot easier to see than fairies.

Shirlwin said...

Well ... I am speechless!!! I am wondering if the 'approved' name for your new addition is a reference to me ... Shirley originally from New Zealand, where there are more sheep than people!?
I thoroughly approve of the name. You will find Shirley to be a true asset to your garden ... she will endear herself in your hearts. Shirley will keep the fairies entertained with her gentleness!! Lol ... I am amused [Had you called her Victoria, someone else might not have been so amused ... Enjoy your garden!]

Thecurateswife said...

Hi Shirley - no offence was meant. Shirley is a wonderful addition to our garden and, since our present incumbent has the other name I would have chosen, Shirley it must be. (And as The Curate pointed out Shirley is a 'she' not a 'he') But she is very placid, well mannered and the only sort sheep you should keep in a garden!!!She has hidden qualities that I will reveal later.

Shirlwin said...

Hidden qualities!!! Wow! I am all agog. Lol, I am really quite 'chuffed' ... I had pet lambs as a child and still have a soft spot for sheep ... I am not offended, in fact just the opposite.