Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Curate and the Kama Sutra Room

When is The Curate a Rev’d and when is he a Mr? This is something we have debated since The Curate became a curate. Do clergy always use their clerical title? I notice The Curate doesn’t use the title very often. He has changed it only on a couple of things (the motorbike registration doc being one) but not all. The question usually arises when he is asked his occupation and he has to declare that this has changed since the last time he spoke to the person concerned. This happened recently with the house insurance company. The Curate is always one to strike up a conversation with any telesales person and so declaring that he is now a minister of religion tends to provoke further elongated discussion. 

The Curate is usually a Mr when he books hotel rooms, or I book them in my name. This was the case last Sunday when we arrived at a lovely hotel prior to our stay at Center Parcs. Being Mothering Sunday we knew it was going to be very busy and we were pleased to be able to book a room. All the rooms are very individual and decorated in original styles. The hotel itself says the rooms are comfortable, if a little unconventional (just right for us) and describes itself as ‘more quirky than quaint.’  Each room is individually named to reflect its style. As we were taken up to our room, we were told that we had a lovely room...and it was. It was a double aspect room with windows that looked out onto the rural surroundings and distant views. It was decorated in warm earthy colours and with delightful dark wood, Indian furniture and ornate metal worked chests. There was a framed film poster and a large intricately carved bed head and wall decoration. The bathroom echoed the colours and the walls were covered in a patchwork of Indian illustrations of textile patterns and pictures. 

It was a superb stay and the evening meal was amazing (not fish this time). We had breakfast in a room with three huge chandeliers and pink silk curtains. I hope we get to stay again but I bet we don’t get put in the Kama Sutra Room if The Curate books it as the Rev’d.

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Perpetua said...

This made me laugh out loud! I changed my title on the things that matter - bank account, passport, etc. and this has made for some interesting conversations over the years. I had the holiday of a lifetime with our daughter in Barbados 20 yars ago and the passport control officer actually shook my hand and wished me a happy holiday as I was the first female Reverend he'd ever met (Barbados is a very Anglican island).