Thursday, 14 April 2011

Making the best of a grey day - Exmoor adventures

On the wall of Countisbury church
The gorse had an intense smell and colour.

              As our break  from work is coming  to a close, The Curate  and I decided to do adventurous pub walk number 2 from Michael Bennie's book. It was a very grey day but the walk was inspiring.

             The start of the walk - looking across to Lynton.      

The first part of the walk took us down through the woods to the East Lyn River.The woods were full of spring flowers and the bare trees allowed us to see the deep valleys and distance views.
After a bite to eat at the Rockford Inn and half a pint of Exmoor ale, we started the climb out of the valley, led by our very enthusiastic collie. The view from the top was spectacular and the climb was made all the easier as we were watching some deer and they were watching us as we climbed towards them. A very special experience!
What slope! Get a move on!

Still being watched

Worth the walk.

P.S. We didn't do all the walk - it is 12 miles long. We managed about 4 miles but we had an excellent introduction to Doone Country


Lucy Mills said... Exmoor :)

Perpetua said...

Lovely photos of an area I don't know. Thanks for that and glad you had such a good day.

Anita Mathias said...

Oh look at those glorious pictures in a sheerly beautiful part of England--which I've barely explored. How lucky you are to live there!!
Thank you for the blog roll add for Dreaming Beneath the Spires. I have changed my URL to match the title. The new URL is Would it be possible to add the new URL to your blogroll please, as the old URL will no longer work.
You are on my blog roll too, of course.
Thanks much,

Shirlwin said...

Such a contrasting countryside to what I see daily in Western Australia. Am enjoying your blog:)

Thecurateswife said...

Welcome Shirlwin - glad you are enjoying the blog. I don't know western Australia - I only hear about Eat side as eldest son's girlfriend comes from Queensland.
Have updated Anita - I lost my Blog role too!
I can recommend Exmoor (out of season) to everyone - it is so unspoilt.

Thecurateswife said...

I mean east side!