Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas trees - again!

I think that a psychologist would probably have something to say about my choice of Christmas tree - it's black and I love it. I have always had a real Christmas tree until last year - with traditional red, green and gold decorations. But then - I had always lived in an old house until last year. I sure the psychologist would say that I was trying to make a mark and trying to resist conforming to the mould of Curate's wife. I had contemplated having one of those upside down Christmas trees but decided that was a step too far. Try googling 'unusual Christmas trees' - there are lots of ideas for something a bit different. The Christmas tree made up of beer / wine bottles was tempting to copy but The Curate put a stop to that!
  I also have a traditional tree in the dining room which is full of decorations that my sons and The Curate and myself have gathered up from around the world. The boys groan when I remind them to look for a tree decoration if they are travelling anywhere.As I dress the tree I think of them in past years being in Australia, Nepal, Bahrain, Canada and other far off places. As I write, my eldest son is packing up his apartment in Dubai to head off to Australia for four months. I shall remind him to look out for a Santa surfing decoration when we next talk. Thank goodness for Skype it makes the world a much smaller place.
 We also have a lovely Nativity scene in the hall which we start to assemble after the first advent candle is lit. The terracotta figures come from Italy (where my sister lived for a bit) and Gibraltar (where we lived for a while).My younger sister and I have both painted the figures - so I think of her and her family as I set the crib up. All my family will be together on the east side of the country this Christmas, except for us as The Curate is working.

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