Saturday, 11 December 2010

It's the Christmas Holidays and another working weekend.

 It's the holidays for me - yes I finish really early - we had school Christmas productions in November. We finished with a lovely carol service in the church with year 2 creating a nativity scene during the service. The two children in year 2 that I work with were very good - considering one had refused to do anything initially. The fact that I work doesn't seem too bad now because The Curate and I have three weeks together. These should be in one place, but we have now spent our last three Friday's (our weekend) 'exploring' possible places to move to. We know the road between the two coasts extremely well now.  So, what with very busy Saturdays and Sundays for The Curate, we are both feeling extremely tired. The Curate is on a day's training course today so I am desperately trying to get all the presents bought and get the house down south ready for our return on Boxing Day. The Curate has been asked to 'explore' another church tomorrow which is all a little stressful but exciting as well. I hope that God will guide us to make the right decision - even if this means that The Curate ends up staying in his present parish. He does like it  - it's just that he is supposed to be married to me....and I am not there.

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