Wednesday, 8 December 2010


The Curate is in the process of exploring a possible parish move so that he is nearer to where I work. Our Bishops have shown caring concern and understanding of the difficulties of me continuing to work while The Curate completes his training. I constantly ask myself if I am being selfish but I enjoy my work and hope that I am making a difference to those children who struggle with literacy. But, back to The Curate - the Bishops gauged his 'churchmanship' by asking about his attitude to vestments in church. I guess if he likes dressing up he is 'high church' and vice versa.The Curate is not really into gold braid and lace as he came to Christ late in life. He found nothing that connected him to the 'High' churches I had been going to. It was the reality of the message he heard in the Gibraltar Methodist church and what it meant to his life that attracted him. Robes just didn't do it for him. So I had to laugh when I found the blog - Bad vestments. Do you feel that vestments are essential or are they a barrier between the vicar and the people? What do you think? I am very open minded and think there probably is a place for their use at certain times. Why are vestments worn in churches?

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