Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas Trees Galore!

The weekend is over and I have returned to my other job down south. What a busy weekend for everyone - not a lie in to be had as The Curate was busy  at 'Men's breakfast' on Saturday and early communion service on Sunday. This meant I won the dog walking duty for two days which was not too bad although bitterly cold. I'm sure it was the healthy option but I would have liked to stay under my duvet for a little longer. Now I'm back to my normal week day 6.30 start - we do not have the snow to stop this. 
Christmas came to our church with our first Christmas tree festival. It was lovely to see the church looking festive when it was so gloomy outside. There were lots of visitors and many attractive trees from the different local organisations. I'm not sure how many in total but all the classes from the local school decorated a tree. The most moving and shocking tree was the tree from the charity that supports the children from Chernobyl by providing holidays here in the UK. The contrast of the dead tree next to all the festive trees was very thought provoking. On Sunday,The Curate was aware of the poignancy of this tree being right next to the Communion table.

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