Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Coincidences and we're off!

 In our exploring of possible parishes we visited a church last Sunday that was very interesting. We decided to slip into the Sunday morning service - I'm not sure we were supposed to explore that much - but we felt it was necessary.There was a very strange coincidence with two of the hymns being particularly relevant for The Curate and myself. We had had both hymns at our wedding. One of these hymns, Lord Jesus Christ You have come to us, has followed me from college, to schools I have worked in and always seems to be sung at relevant times - hence the reason for having it at our wedding and The Curates ordination. We had also read it with the Bishop when we were trying to sort out a way forward. So the skeptic in me said that it was a set up! But when the second relevant hymn was announced I began to feel that God might just have a hand in our next move. 
The world suddenly seemed to get smaller as we found links to this particular church that were unexpected. It could be that The Curate and I might be going to live further away from the sea than we ever have done. It will be an interesting experience as I am pretty sure all our family have salt in their blood. The DDO's visit confirmed that she had spoken to the vicar and he was happy to have The Curate to complete his training. They need to meet again, the house will be an interesting challenge and needs work done on it before we can move in. So we probably will not be able to move until the summer - just when the surf's getting up here.

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