Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Support for supporting partners

Am I The Curate's Wife or the wife of a curate? My heart still says I am the wife of a curate and not part of a duel ministry team offering two for the price of one. My head says that this is unrealistic and the sooner I face up to the fact that I am already a bit more than  a back room supporter the better. I have always said that the Curate was 'called' and I was 'pulled'.
Should I still be saying this?

I have read several Blogs and websites that discuss the  peculiarities of life married to a minister - some helpful and others which make you wonder who is wearing the dog collar. I have spent this evening exploring Pastors wives' thriving in the fishbowl which is American. - Is there a British equivalent? One of the most helpful books I stumbled upon very early in The Curate's training was ' We're in This Together: Living with Leadership by Celia Bowring. A list of  resources and reading material for the partners of people embarking on ministry training would have been helpful at the beginning. Perhaps there is one available and I have yet to stumble upon it. Any suggestions?

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