Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What makes a good sock monkey?

Frankenstein Monkey
Ok, it's time for a little light relief after an emotional weekend. A colleague and I have decided we ought to start a club ( and that is not so we can avoid break duties - honest). Equally we need some craft ideas for our younger church groups. With the PG Tips Monkey appearing currently on adverts and very popular, we have explored the possibility of making sock monkeys.... creatures... creations. So we googled 'sock monkey' and there seems to be a wide selection.            
   I attempted to make one from a pair of socks that had been lying  on our stairs unclaimed for a while. I forgot that socks stretch and when it came to stuffing it - it grew and grew. As this was a prototype, colour and design were not at the top of the list, I just needed to see where the pit falls in construction were. The result could be described as Frankenstein Monkey - anyway enough to frighten a child at night.                                                                                                                     
Chunky Monkey
Next came an over stuffed chunky monkey made from a small pair of children's socks. Not quite the cute, interesting monkeys I have seen on google. So before I start prototype number three - some tips and advice would be appreciated - please! What works? I want the children to be able to personalize their creature and be a bit creative.  My colleague has cheated and bought a kit from a shop which is just not the same and too expensive for all the children to buy. But I have got to come up with something that is not going to scare little children! Help please!
Monkey 3 - getting there.

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