Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fishy tales

The Curate and I have just escaped for a night away on the moor (in a pub - not under the stars.). At dinner, I found that I was drawn to choosing fish from the menu despite the fact that we were staying in the middle of hunting and shooting country. This is because The Curate has been conditioning me to eat fish in order to support Hugh's fish campaign. Being an uneducated fish finger fan, this has been quite a task for The Curate. I have not grown gills yet but in the last month I have tasted grey mullet, local caught cod, halibut, turbot, hand caught local crayfish, smoked Scottish salmon,  prawns, local crab, mussels, monkfish, mackerel, sardines and clams. Mostly these have been landed and sold locally and have been the freshest fish I have ever tasted. The Curate is much better at cooking fish than me so I just sit back and sip the wine while he demonstrates his prowess.  I am beginning to be able discuss the virtues of 'the bottom feeder' compared to mid water and shallow water fish!
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