Thursday, 27 January 2011

Too late .... so business as usual until May.

I arrived on the North Coast today to find an email from a school that I had approached to ask about any possible vacancies. I wrote to all the schools when The Curate first moved up here but there was no interest from any of them. This area is awash with teachers and everyone is hanging on to their jobs with the economy being as it is. Now, when it is too late, a headteacher shows interest - and I believe I would have fitted the job like a glove. But The Curate's move has been announced in both parishes and the new curate for here has indicated that she would like to come. If this email had arrived last week - things might have been different. (We did check with the DDO).  Now I have to trust that we are on the right path and this email was a minor distraction. There is no going back now. 
The announcement in church that The Curate is leaving has had quite an emotional response and he has been touched by the comments from so many individuals. But - it is business as usual until May - we've not gone yet! 
From our garden.Snowdrops symbolize new beginnings and hope because they typically bloom at the end of winter and announce the approach of spring. They are also thought to mean 'hope in sorrow'.

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