Saturday, 22 January 2011

Moving on

The back room boys (and girls)  have been busy at work arranging our move to a new parish. It is amazing how so many different pieces are beginning to fit together. The reality of it all hit home yesterday when the possible new curate for our present parish came to see round our house. The house will be filled with a family and that will be so much better than The Curate rattling around on his own. We are unable to see our new home as there are tenants in it but we trust that we will enjoy living there as everything else is slotting together. Of course, we both are having moments of wondering if this is the right thing to do - but we have to trust it is. The Curate is sad to be leaving a parish that has made him so welcome but he is also excited at the prospect of working in a different setting. It might take a little getting use to having to share the house full time with me again instead of me being a visitor. Who is going to do the cooking? !
  It will be a relief to be able to be open with people who have presumed we are staying for the full curacy. We have been unable to talk about looking for a move until letters had been exchanged. The date has yet to be set but it will probably be May before we actually leave. Tomorrow our move and the part time vicar's retirement will be announced to everyone in the morning service. I feel that I have failed.

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