Monday, 29 November 2010

The canine company

I worry about my dog - she's the one featured in the photo on the right. She is a Lakeland terrier but she absolutely refuses to live up to her pedigree. My terrier is having to live with The Curate and the Sheepdog during the week - who really don't understand her. At 14 years old she demands a bit of respect and spends rather a lot of time 'purring' under her breath. This may sound like a growl to some people but I assure you it's not. She appreciates female company and I would love to have her with me during the week but, for now, she has to put up with The Curate. It was difficult leaving her this weekend because she has not been very well and at 14 years old, I wonder how long she is going to be around. The Curate and my sons assure me that she is destined to plague their lives for a good number of years yet!

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