Monday, 22 November 2010

To dine or not to dine?

What a busy weekend! I feel like I have done a week's work even though I am only The Curate's wife. It's being that extra pair of eyes to support The Curate as he takes new services or ones he is less familiar with. It's things like remembering the towel to wipe the baby after her baptism, the milk for the teas and coffees or the vital marshmallows (prop for the sermon)! We seem to have spent a lot of time at church on Sunday. Of course "it's the only day he works". (Hmmmmmmmm! I wish!)
I have returned to my weekday job and feel exhausted. I was really pleased to sit behind a line of three huge lorries for the majority of my journey as there was no pressure to overtake because it was impossible.
We had to turn down an invitation to go out on Saturday night because we were so busy. It's very difficult to have a social life with me being away most of the week. Then there is the pressure of who to accept and who to refuse from the congregation. We don't want to offend so, initially we didn't accept any invitations because I was away so much. People understood and were very kind. But who do you accept when you are the Vicar (or curate in this case). The Curate was told that the first person to invite you to supper (who ever it was) was probably the person with a definite agenda. He might be better avoiding that one. As it was The Vicar (the boss) in our case, this probably wasn't the case! But who do you accept?

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