Thursday, 11 November 2010

The weekend starts here - Thursday

 I have made the dreaded two hour journey to the other coast after three and a half days of work. I refused full time work because The Curate's day off is Friday and I really would quite like to spend some time with him when we are not working. The journey is never good as it involves country roads with very few passing places. I  fear that I am beginning to suffer from road rage and find my self sitting on people's bumpers to try and push them to go over thirty miles an hour. I guess people use these roads to avoid people like me and to enjoy a country drive. I'm not proud of myself or the person I have become by Thursday evening. I read somewhere this week that you should choose the longest queue at the supermarket checkout to give yourself time and make space to hear God. But surely you have to be calm as well and right now calm seems to be a very long way away from where I am (which is not in a supermarket).
The Curate has cooked supper, warmed the wine and actually turned the heating up in the house. This is to butter me up before telling me he is off to a PCC meeting and would I like supper early? This doesn't happen too often and we have tried various strategies to help me transform from working wife to Curate's wife on Thursdays. Meals out, hot baths, wine and chocolate are all good but the best solution was rushing straight out to go surfing and being churned and tossed in amazing waves. We've managed this once this summer but tonight the winter storms are lashing the coasts all round the country. A hot bath and a good book will have to do. I am reading  'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am reading it because we missed the film when it came to our area - we couldn't find an evening when we would be together while it was on! But I'm so glad that I am reading the book first - I am enjoying it enormously. Have you read it?



Katie May (or may not) said...

I read it and loved it, and just saw the movie this past weekend. Liked it, too! I'm a sucker for memoirs to start with but really enjoyed this lady's journey and could relate to it.

(Yes I am a new reader and have gone back to the beginning to find out what's what. Still don't know where you are, but was at first thinking -Wow, from one coast to the other, that's a helluva commute!- till I realized you aren't in Canada when you said it's only a two-hour drive from one end of your country to the other.)

Thecurateswife said...

Hi,just found your comment - welcome! I have been reading back through the blogs to check that I don't just write when I am full of angst. My commute is just across the 'toe' of England (the South west) so should be do-able (is there such a word?).
I was given the DVD to watch on Valentines day -so glad I read the book first - didn't enjoy the film as much.