Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's December!

It's 6.30 am, the alarm has gone off and I don't want to get up. At least winter is behaving like winter. We haven't got snow yet but there is an icy wind blowing outside. I have had a reasonable night's sleep which is an improvement as I have said before, bed hopping doesn't really suit me. One more night here then back to the north coast. I decided to give meditation a go last night. My only other experience of this has been the Wii fitness game - the one where you sit looking at a candle on the screen and don't move - and feel like an idiot! Needless to say I'm not too good at that one. But last night was different. I'm still reading Eat Pray Love and I was inspired to try again. What an amazing sense of calm! I shall have to work on this  - so any tips would really be appreciated.
The Curate tells me he has been helping to sort the church out for the Christmas tree festival next weekend. It will be good  to see all the trees decorated and lit up. When did these festivals start?  There are lots of them around the country now. As last Sunday was the first Sunday in Advent , the first Advent candle has been lit. I miss having the calendars to open now the boys have grown up. Perhaps I had better take one back for the Curate. 

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